November 2011 - A Milestone in My Life

There are 7 billions of people worldwide; approximately 7 millions of people in Jakarta during daylight; I’m so lucky to be selected to work for a maker of sexy consumer cars known worldwide. It’s not the best job in the world, but it’s the best job in the world that I can afford to have with my background, knowledge and expertise.

I could not ask for more than what I have now. Working at the capital city. Heck, it’s even at the heart of the capital city. Just nearby the building, you can see the statue of welcome. Working in a building that shares location with where the lifestyle is may not be everyone’s dream. But when you’re there, you really know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll try as much as I can to remind myself of where I have been and where I come from. I won’t go lunch at those fancy restaurants.. Well, okay, perhaps, once in a while I will. But, I’ll promise to myself to not to be a hipster.

Before where I am now, I’ve always set my objective to get a job that oversees and manages information technology/ system of a company. And now, here I am, doing the abovementioned tasks and in an automotive company that applies information technology heavily to its cars. Technology has been my passion. I can’t tell you enough of how much excitement I can be when this technology is applied to automobile. Now that I’m part of it, I’ll get the chance to learn and go deep about this.

Of course, the stake is high here. I cannot bear the risk of screwing things up. Delicacy in doing tasks must be applied. But, I am sure that with skills and knowledge that I have, I can build up my confidence. And with that confidence, I will go through this probation period and eventually, will impress the employer.

At the end of the probation, which will come next year, I’ll then worry about the other offer in my hand. No one knows about the future. Maybe I’ll grow bigger passion over this job? Maybe I’ll be doing too well for the job and the company will rely heavily on me? Well, I’ll start thinking about weighing the dilemma next year. As of now, I’ll just enjoy both the work and the pressure that will surely come. This surely marks a milestone in my life history.


Warkop DKI, My Guilty Pleasure :P

Had I known ‘Warkop DKI’ today, I would say their movies were crappy and suck to the bone. As a matter of fact, this is true. Their movies have been and are crappy. Make no mistakes, I have enjoyed watching their movies and still love watching their movies. You can say this is my guilty pleasure: watching crappy movies for my entertainment :P

I grew up with their movies. I laughed at that time and still laugh if I watch their movies now. There was nothing serious about the plot. Did I see the movies for the girls? Nope. I’m being honest. Sure, thighs are everywhere. In the 90’s those were something. But this is 21 century and girls have taken up the ultimate level to make themselves look sexy.

No. It wasn’t the girls. Probably it’s because there is no seriousness in the movies. You know, like Naked Gun. It’s all about crappy jokes and slapstick. But, I love them. I thank them for entertaining me throughout my childhood. It’s sad to see 2 of the members gone to heaven. They are, in my opinion, the legend of Indonesian’s comedy.

I guess there can be no match for their being legend. Any other attempt would make the poor guy like an idiot. So, thank you Warkop DKI for entertaining the humanity. You’ve done great favor to Indonesia :)


Should You Sell Kidney for Android? Nah, Of Course Not

It’s just a matter of time before we see this kind of news again. Remember when iPad 2 was launched? There was this teenager in China who sold his kidney for it. And now that Apple launched iPhone 4S, the suscessor of iPhone 4, there is a girl from the same country who would do sex in favor of iPhone 4S. Oh I’m pretty sure there will be lonely guys lining up to get into her pants. Heck, I won’t be surprised if one guy would give her 2 of iPhone 4S so that he can have a lifetime with her.

But, do we see the same kind of hype with Android? I don’t think so. Here’s my analysis on this.

Android is no Hype

There’s no hype in Android. Even the super high-end Android phone such as Samsung Galaxy S2 or LG Optimus 2X will not make you look hip. You want to look hip? Get the fruit. Every launch of Android’s product hardly ever receives so much hype. You won’t look hip even with those latest premium Android gadgets.

Many Choices

Unlike the fruit who only releases one type of product each time they launch something, there are waaay too many choices for Android. Ranging from Samsung, LG, ASUS, etc. Each of these manufacturers have their own flagship products. Not enough budget? They have, sort of, budget products with the same OS. You don’t have to wait for another year round for them to come up with brand new release of products. Almost every month they have range of products. With Android, you won’t get hyped because there are too many to be excited about.


Spend so much money for a gadget? That’s what you get if you are into the hype. If you are patient enough, you’ll get better gadget with cheaper price. I bought a Galaxy S for about USD 500. When they release Galaxy S2, the price was about USD 400. You can guess what happens to the price of second-hand Galaxy S: plunging like an eagle soaring and targeting its prey.

So, will we see a teenager sells his kidney or sex for Android gadget? I don’t think so. Android is not about hype. It’s not about being early adopter of things. With many choices in the market, it’s hard to be ‘the first’.


The Remaining 3 Working Days…

This is it. The remaining week. The last 3 working days. It’s a mixture feeling of sad and excited. Sad of what I will leave behind. Excited for what awaits me ahead.

So, how long will I have been at the current workplace when I leave it? Three months. Compared to previous workplace, the tenure is nothing. But, you can say that my soul is more devoted here. It’s a great environment, great team I am in, and a great boss.

Perhaps, one of the things I will miss most is the project manager, the boss. For the first time in my line of career, I finally have a non-Asian boss, and I have to leave him. Not to be racist, but as an Asian, I feel big difference of having Asian boss than non-Asian boss. Though he’s actually an Indonesian citizen right now, my current boss tends to give us freedom in terms of way of work as well as administrative stuff. He’s also generous. There were times when we went out for lunch at his expense. He also paid our portions when there was ‘bukber’. He’s also appreciative of our works, our achievements. Of course, it’s only been 3 months. But, judging from it, you can tell it will be smooth road ahead.

The team is also great. Outposted at government office, we sometimes must face difficulties in getting to know what they want. We have a project there and need to be accomplished within specified time frame. We’ve been able to identify their needs, thanks to our solid cooperation. Outside the office, we are also doing great. There are times when we chit chat, tell jokes. Stuff like that. Coming from IT background, I guess what binds us all is when we talk about gadgets. Yup. I guess we are all nerds in a group. There is one female project assistant and she’s also been helpful to all of us.

The organisation is also generous, overall. I was supposedly to have only 3 month initial tenure of contract. But, there was an offer, if I was to go through medical examination, I would get 6 month instead. So, I did take the medical exam and get 6 month initial contract. Annual leave? We are entitled approximately 2.5 days for each completed month of service. Do the math for a whole one year.

Alas, I have to leave before the tenure ends.

So, how come I make the decision to leave all of these? Well, guys, if you finally read this blog, please know that having joined IOM, I stopped actively looking for a job. Let me tell you the story. It happened before I joined IOM. I was busy sending out job applications to any opportunity which I think I could apply. I was at the end of my tenure at my previous workplace. Apparently, one of those opportunities knocked. So, I answered. Alas, it was not for me. They said I was overqualified for the position.

Over the months, I haven’t heard anything from them. Then, approximately 2 months thereafter, they called. They offered higher position this time. I could’ve turned down the offer, of course. But, I have dependents. If it’s all about me. Maybe I would say no. Maybe. But, it’s a big company offering higher position. The position will be in charge of most of Information System of the company. It’s a big responsibility with so little room for errors. There is, of course, career path which will lead to benefits. My family could use those benefits.

Is it a good decision? I pray to God that I hope I am making a good decision. I could’ve kept on going at current workplace. I mean it’s an International Organization. I am a worker of this organization. I take part in serving the world. Somehow, there’s a pride in that. And, who wouldn’t take such pride?

But, I contemplated, 1-2 years from now, if I still continue at IOM, I might be wondering where I will be if I take the offer. God forbid, I may fail the probation, but at least I will put everything I have, my expertise, my experience, my energy at whichever position I have. By then, at least, I know I have tried and will know my limit. Not just staring at the stars and wondering if I am capable or not. At the very least, I have tried to catch my dreams, not just keeping it in a dream and keep sleeping.

So, the last remaining 3 working days, I will make full use of them. Hopefully, my sucessor will be as much capable as I am. Heck, I hope he/ she will be even better and keeping up the good work we have done so far. Wish me luck at the new work place. It’s a whole lot of new dimension to me. Big responsibility coming up to munch.


All Men Are Animals

WARNING: this article contains explicit content. If you object to such things, DO NOT CONTINUE READING. You’ve been warned!

In a movie scene, when a girl wears gown, the guy would stand up and say ‘You look beautiful’. Why, of course. What else would he say? There’s something in your teeth? Of course not. Because even if there is, his attention would be drawn to her beautiful body. And, perhaps, cleavage.

Let’s face it. In the history of humanity, guys love women. Women are source of beauty in the universe and we take every single part of that beauty seriously. That’s most probably why most -if not all- famous fashion designers are male. Heck, if you follow that ‘America’s Next Top Model’ show, most of the judges are male. It’s because guys know how to bring up the beauty in female. Not too explicit and make them cheap, but enough to charm people in public.

So, don’t think for a split second that guys would just sit there and do nothing when they see a woman revealing body parts such as thigh or cleavage. Never trust a guy who would say that that kind of body parts do not have any impact on him. Obviously, he does not appreciate women. I mean, seriously, girls wear mini skirt because they are proud of their smooth legs. They wear gown to show off their breast because it’s smooth and have cleavage and they take pride in them. No, don’t trust a guy like that.

However, believe that there are levels of handling this kind of thing for guys. Some would hold back and pretend not see it. Some would take a look intermittently so that they don’t get caught staring. Some would stare wildly and would give uncomfortable feeling and would risk the chance of being called pervert. Some would.. well, let’s not go beyond this.

My point being is that all men are animals. We would want women wear anything they like. We love beauty. And, I must emphasise BEAUTY. Do reveal when your legs are like Jessica Alba. Do reveal your lumps when they are as impressive as Kim Kardashian’s. Don’t wear hot pants just because it’s hot out there. It’s not about being practical. It’s a cruel world out there. People judge.

Never trust a guy who say it’s okay to wear mini skirt. It should be girls who say so. But, bear the risk to yourself. It’s a cruel city. Girls get molested even with full clothes on. Imagine if you let your guard down. No, don’t trust that kind of guy. He wants you to keep revealing your beauty without anyone bitching about it. No. Don’t trust him. All men are animals. So don’t trust those who say it’s okay to keep revealing your body parts.

Did you know what true beauty is? It’s when you have full clothes on, and you still look hot. Mere knitted threads could not possibly block the beauty in you if you are really beautiful. I’ve seen those kind of girls before: no body parts revealed and yet, they look hot. So, here’s a challenge for you, ladies: how to look hot (if you think you are) with full clothes on. Can you take such challenge?


What if…?

there are moments in life when you have to choose. whatever your choice is, in the future, there will be moments when you think ‘what if..’" - Anonymous

Today marks another milestone in my life. I’ve signed up another contract with another organisation. What makes it different with another milestones of mine? Firstly, I signed when I am still at a UN-related agency, International Organization for Migration (IOM). Secondly, practically, it has been a long time since a filed resignation letter to the organization I worked for. Thirdly, I have such a wonderful boss right now. He is considerate and appreciates my work. At times, he took us out for lunch at his expense. Not at just some restaurant, but fancy restaurants like the one at JW Mariott Hotel or Kuningan Village. Those are just to name a few.

Of course, I can’t avoid feeling like cheating when I took another offer. But, somehow I realise I have to overcome this. I learned in the past that you can absorb with your work but not the organisation. Someday, the organisation will forsake you. It’s just a question of when. It just so happens that the opportunity comes waaay too early.

As quoted above, in the future, I may come to a moment where I ponder, what if I stay at IOM? What would I become 2-3 years if I decide to stay; knowing the fact that I have the opportunity to have better career? As a matter of fact, what if I wait for another opportunity from a commercial bank whose interview process I have gone through. What if… what if.. what if.

So, I realise I just have to make decision whose consequences I think is best for me and my dependents.. my family. Once the decision is made, I just have to pay the consequences. I am hoping for the best only.

'What if' will not be taken into account.


The Battle of Cults of Smartphone

In the beginning…

I still remember the days when people used different brands of mobile phone. Some would use Nokia, Siemens (hey, do they make Siemens smartphones?), Samsung, etc. Life was easier back then. There were no trolls. If I think about it now, it’s because mobile phones back then were pretty basic. Besides making phone calls and sending text, no other features worth boasting about.

Other features, even if existed, were pretty much today’s basic features on smartphones: organisers, memo, alarm clock, etc. There were practically no smartphone features back then. No push email, no augmented reality, no “magical” stuff. Some other features that may be considered “cool” might be: high quality sound when playing music. That’s all.

Blackberry has existed since circa 2000. It can be safely said that push email technology on mobile devices has existed since then. But, Blackberry didn’t receive much of hype as they do now. Well, at least, since the current President of the United States was reported to be addicted fan of it. We know now that Blackberry is dimming.

Seemingly targeted at corporate, back then, hardly “retail” users, teenagers would use Blackberry. I suppose Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has existed since its first appearance. But, this messenger has been, and still is, exclusive to Blackberry devices. This exclusivity didn’t bother anyone back then. It’s so exclusive to corporate users that everybody wouldn’t bother if someone next to him/ her was busy tapping keyboards on that shiny glimmering Blackberry. Who cared?

Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) has also long existed. It’s like a mini version of computers or laptop. Was PDA also considered smartphone? Is smartphone just buzz word? It probably is. But, even back then PDA hasn’t received much of hype, either. One could own a PDA device without him/ her boasting about it. They all use it as tools that help them running businesses to make profit.

Then the game changed

How did the game change? In my opinion, it was when Blackberry received attention when Obama was reported to be a die-hard fan of Blackberry. Since then, the media have been hyping so much that seemingly everyone rushed to own one for whatever reason there was. Apparently, this changed RIM in playing the game. They started to target on “retail” users. Blackberry used to be corporate devices and now has become “retail” devices.

People would boast that Blackberry devices help them connect: push email, compressed secured line in sending messages: connectivity. It got so much of hype that almost everyone I see in buses I take in the morning sticks their eyes on Blackberry devices. I doubt that they are working on important business documents. I had a glimpse on a screen of one user. Guess what I saw? Blackberry Messenger.

What follows is even game changer. Circa 2007, Apple released the first shiny iPhone. There was no physical keyboard; only large eye-candy screen. There was hype. But, there were hardly brawls between the cult of iPhone and other similar smartphones.

Apple wasn’t the first player in smartphone. Windows Mobile-powered devices, Symbian and Blackberry have been in the field way long before Apple came in to play. But, none of those devices offers the same experience like the first iPhone. Sure, there have been touchscreen mobile phones. But, usually they need stylus in the operation. Even the term touchscreen didn’t use in terms of what iPhone was intended: you just touch it. Cannot swipe your finger on the screen.

The Icon

So, how come there are “brawls” among smartphone users now? If you constantly follow gadget updates, check out the comments section. Everyone would bash another for boasting a device that they adore (not necessary use it). People would attach to their gadget. The gadget creates feeling inside them. What gives? They are all just smartphones… with different features, hardware and experiences.

I would consider myself as a fan of Android. So, I might be biased in giving opinion. But, just for the record, back in late 2009, when I had enough cash in hand to buy a gadget, I did have a choice between owning a Blackbery device and an Android one. I was really tempted to own a Blackberry device. iPhone didn’t come into consideration. I can’t remember why. But, one thing I remember why I chose Android: it’s the freedom. I would like to have full control of the device I own. I like hacking into device and optimize the use of it. This is something I thought I could not achieve with other smartphones. Yes, this is bias.

Opinion aside, so, how come there are brawls? Why can’t one just peacefully own and take pride of their gadget? I know some people could own an iPhone and a Blackberry. Some others would use Blackberry and iPad. But, I hardly know someone who owns Android and Blackberry or iPhone. Usually, Android owners just stick with one gadget. Yeah, you would say that Android users don’t have enough cash to buy some more gadgets. Or, it’s probably that they have all the things they need in one place.

I tend to blame the icon of Apple, Steve Jobs. He has been marketing the shiny eye-candy iPhone like it’s exclusive. Note that there is NOTHING WRONG with that. Sure, Android-powered Galaxy series don’t receive much of hype. To top it all, no smartphone has iconic characters who promote their device into exclusivity like Steve Jobs. It’s been 4 years since its first appearance and there were like, what, 4 releases of iPhone? Android has way many ranges of smartphone. From low-end to high-end. While one of top manufacturers of Android-based smartphone has been sued many times by Apple, it still continues to innovate by releasing new products offering ranges of features.

It’s the icon. That’s where the problem lies. He has been giving misleading statements. And when people pointing out the fact otherwise, people would argue. Hence, the brawls.

Let me start with the word “retina display”. Steve claimed that the display on the latest iPhone exceeded what human eyes can see. Thus, when looking at its display, you’d hardly see or notice pixels. Google retina display steve jobs and you’d see that it’s just marketing buzz words. There’s no need to call scientist on this one. The world we are seeing now is NOT PIXELATED. It’s vector-based graphic. In other words, images reflected on our retina is not composed of pixels. It. Is. Misleading. But again, some -or all- would say, he can say whatever he wanted to market the product. Fine.

But it’s still misleading. And it has led millions people into thinking that Apple has innovated in many ways. In fact, all people would think that the first table existed is iPad. They must’ve thought that way because Apple is suing Samsung for copying its design. Apparently, the first appearance of electronic device with round corners wasn’t invented by Apple.

When iPhone 4 was first released there were issues like, one of them, death grip. How did Steve Jobs react to this? He went public and took other smartphones with him, namely, BlackBerry Bold 9700, the Samsung Omnia II, and the HTC Droid Eris. So, he didn’t bother to address the problem of iPhone 4. Instead, he bashed other smartphones. He even wen’t further by blaming users of iPhone 4. He has coined the phrase “you’re holding it wrong”.

He can; why can’t I?

So, all these misleading statements from Steve Jobs -published by media- have created the environment we live in now. One could not just leave one device live happily ever after. I know. I am one of them. But I blame Steve for that. Here’s a question to ponder: how come Steve can bash other products and that other products’ fans CANNOT bash Apple products?


[Reflection] Time is Running Out

Birthdays, to me, are just another days. What makes them different is that, on the same date you were born, you reflect your life; what you have achieved so far, what your impacts are to this world, how people will remember you. I am lucky I am surrounded by gorgeous people who remember me, though my existence could be annoying and, sometimes, awkward. But they bear with me.

Even in tough times like these days, some have truly shown the true friend in them. A friend in need is a friend indeed. I appreciate your helping me, guys! I also appreciate your having confidence in me and trusting me with work and opportunities.

This brings me back to the topic. Life is full of milestones. One should plan what he/ she’s going to do with their life; what and where they want to be in 5-10 years from now. I used to have such plan. I plan that when I reach the age 40, I will lead a steady and stable life with wife and kids. No need to worry about the future, got everything I need to nurture the family. And probably, I got everything for the kids as well and I’ll live to see them making their own nuclear families. Probably will have the chance to hold their babies like I hold my kids when they were small.

And now, I have to reconstruct the blueprint. At my age, people are worrying about promotion, how to get increment, enhancing careers and alike. It’s so ashamed that I am worrying about keeping my job. I don’t want to blame anyone, especially myself. I hate sounding like a loser. The storm will go on no matter which way your finger is pointing. While we are at this point, I am quite nettled with those who complain so much about their job. If it is lousy, which makes them complain so much, why don’t they just quit? I’d appreciate to take their job, if they recommend me to their employers. If I don’t think clearly, their complaining their jobs sounds like boasting their cool job, but in a subtle way.

My worry now is redesigning my life plan. With current situation, it is almost impossible to reach my target. Unless.. Unless miracle happens.

This is why I don’t wish to remember that this is my birthday. It only reminds me that time is running out. Browsing through job advertisements can be worrying. All (I would say some, but unlikely) companies require their candidate to be 30-35 at most. And where do people go when they reach beyond? It is not fair. They beat me at something I cannot control. Time. My age.

I still appreciate the wishes, though. They show that you care, friends. And I thank you all for that. Believe me when I say that your wishes have coloured my day :)


Biometrics is Impressive but Bad Idea

Biometrics, to put in layman words, is methodology used in recognising authorised users by computer. One example you may have dealt with at workplace is fingerprint scan. When you go to work and have to clock in, you may have your finger scanned for clocking in.

Imagine you are working on a top secret project and the only way to access the room where you work on the project is secured with biometrics. For example, using fingerprint scan. We’ve seen on movies, such as Charlie’s Angles where the girls break into a secured project using fingerprint scan. Of course, that only happens in movie. But, in theory, it can be done. You can outsmart the fingerprint scanner using duplicated fingers and using modified contact lens to outsmart the retina scanner.

However, for low-life criminal, they will take the shortcut. And I mean it literally. It was reported on the news, in 2005 in Malaysia, car thieves deliberately cut the finger of the owner of a Mercedes because the car was secured with fingerprint security.

The owner was lucky, he was still left alive. In a movie, “Demolition Man” in order for the villain to escape, he has to cut off an authorised user’s eyes.

In the latest news, there was this iris scanning biometrics to identify authorised users. It can be used for any purpose of securing data.

What I brought up here are mostly based on movies. But you cannot escape the fact that one of them is based on true story. And this is one thing scientists have to bear in mind when developing biometrics: impressive as it may sound and look, biometrics can bear complicated implication. In my opinion, applying biometrics for top secret project or sensitive data is a bad idea.


Amygdala: Fear as Manifestation of Mind

I watched this TV series, Leverage. The episode was about a convict who has got nothing to lose and that a gang of talented thieves need information from him of whereabouts of the money he stole. They need something he’s afraid of so that this information gets out. Hence, they manipulate a situation in such a way that creates fear to him, so terrifying that his nose bleeds. Then, I learned about amygdala.

Amygdala is a small part of your brain that controls your fear. From Wikipedia, it is mentioned that amygdala performs its functions as processing and memory of emotional reactions. The same source mentioned that “the amygdalae perform primary roles in the formation and storage of memories associated with emotional events”. So, it can be concluded that when you undergo unpleasant events it will stick into your memory and it stays there and creates fear whenever the same event occurs. For example, if you were once bitten by a dog, it will create fear in you next time you see one on the streets, even if the dog is tame.

Our fear towards things can even be conditioned. It is where your fear of something is associated with objects. For example, you are afraid of ghosts because you have seen what they do in movies and the terrifying events happen in the dark. Therefore, you associate dark rooms with ghosts. Hence, you are afraid of dark rooms. Even though, the fact is that there is no ghost in that room. It’s just dark room. But, since you have associated dark rooms with ghosts, all dark rooms become scary to you.

I am not a scientist in this field, so I could not go on elaborating about this amygdala thing. But, to touch upon the skin of the topic is very interesting. And why not? It’s in your brain. Your fear is generated by physical thing that exists inside of you.

So, to feel fear is very humane. A person who has no fear towards everything is not a human. In fact, he is either stupid (hey, the amygdala is in your brain, right?) or just saying that to hide his fear. No, every normal human (and animals, too, if you’d like to know) feels fear. Bungee jumping off the bridge creates fear. Walking in a snake pit creates fears. Speeding on a motorbike creates fear. Then, why are there people do those things? You ask this to them. I bet they say, it’s the rush of adrenaline in the brain that creates such excitement. In other words, it’s the fear that excites them. They feel fear when bungee jumping; but the fear creates excitement. They speed on a motorbike; but the fear creates excitement.

So, to feel fear is normal. However, just like any other part of your body, amygdala too can be controlled. In other words, you can control your fear. Who knows, maybe you can control your fear and be a daredevil?

It must be noted, however, human need to feel fear. You just need to prioritise what fears you most. Speeding on a motorbike surely terrifying especially when you have no protection over your head. If you have no fear, you will do stupid things. Like crashing your motorbike to a wall. No, you need to control your fear and not end up doing stupid things.

I watched this Batman movie (see, we can learn things from movies), and there’s this quote “to conquer fear you must become fear”. It’s said that Bruce Wayne is very afraid of bats. And he learned that to conquer his fear of bats he become the bats that virtually fly and only come out in the dark. He learned the power of the bats and he becomes the Batman as we know now. Of course, his character is fictional. But his quote is hard to deny, “You must bask in the fear of other men. And men fear most what they cannot see. You have to become a terrible thought. A wraith. You have to become an idea! Feel terror cloud your senses. Feel its power to distort.. to control. And know that this power can be yours. Embrace your worst fears. Become one with the darkness."

See, it’s all about control. Understand what you fear. Of course, you don’t have to be the fear. You’ll look silly in Batman suite. I can’t imagine what your custome will be if you are afraid of rats or house lizards. No, you just need to understand them. Rats and house lizards are even afraid of human. Snakes do not bite unless they are disturb. Control. That is the key.

Now, what about ghosts? What are there to be afraid of? Why do you need to be afraid of? If you cannot see them, why do you need to be afraid of ghosts? Heck, even those who claim can see ghosts don’t even flee from the room. So, why bother? It’s because you fear what you can’t see. This is the key.

So, is your next plan now watching horror movies? Perhaps, one step at a time.

Once in your life time, there must be a situation where you have to be in the dark. Be it due to power outage or when you have to go back to your office in the middle of the night and there’s hardly illumination of lights. See and hear things. You’ll notice that you see nothing but doors, chairs and office utensils sit in silence. You’ll hear nothing but wind. Don’t let these objects get into your mind and create funny manifestation. It’s all in your mind. You think you’re hearing voices, but they aren’t there. You think you’re seeing things, but they aren’t there. It’s just your manifestation. And don’t take someone who claims he can see things. He will just deteriorate your fear of darkness. To have fun, just claim yourself you can see things too. And tell him that there’s a clown in the corner of the room and he’s laughing at him. Perhaps, that way, you’ll break the ice and will have a good laugh.

So, let’s control our amygdala. Learn the fear.